For partners

European Media Professionals (EMP) is a group of media professionals with a wealth of experience working for international news organizations. We recognize the importance of developing journalistic practices that contribute to establishing democratic institutions through print and broadcast media.

EMP is involved in various project partnerships in the fields of multimedia and active citizenship. We work with NGOs, institutes, colleges and universities, independent initiatives and international networks to share our proven methodology and time-tested practices in advocating for a fair and free press.

EMP organizes and implements various training courses, events and awareness campaigns that encourage responsible practices at your news organization. Our pool of talented educators train media representatives and promote active and responsible citizenship by using cutting edge multimedia tools. We contribute expert knowledge and organizational support to various projects, especially in the fields of multimedia, media literacy, culture and education. We are passionate about working with organizations and people that share our democratic and egalitarian values and principles, and we always focus on the specific goals and effects of each individual project. Your brand of storytelling is unique, and so is our approach.

If you would like EMP to add value and commitment to your mission, please email us at